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Mercury Education & Response Campaign (MERC)

GotMercury.Org and the Turtle Island Restoration Network have been educating the public about mercury in fish and taking action to reduce the public's exposure to methylmercury in seafood since 2002.

GotMercury.Org is a free online mercury-in-seafood calculator that lets individuals use the EPA's calculations of how much seafood is safe to eat. Also available in Spanish, GotMercury.Org/espanol.

For the latest news and information, please go directly to the GotMercury website at www.gotmercury.org.

Learn More

Explore the deep history of the gotmercury.org campaign in this section stocked with fact sheets, scientific reports, articles, reports and more.

Campaign Materials
Look here for supermarket petition, ads, fliers and other action materials.

New Mercury-in-Fish Research Center Launched
July 13th, 2011

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