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Educational Materials

Seven Species of Sea Turtles
The Sea Turtle Restoration Project works to protect and restore endangered sea turtles and marine biodiversity worldwide. We are engaging and empowering the public to promote sustainable local and national policies that stop harmful fishing practices, nesting beach development, ocean pollution and climate change that impacts sea turtles and other endangered marine wildlife. Please click on HELP SAVE THE SEA TURTLES (right) to find out ways you can help, and DONATE NOW to support our work!

Teacher & Student Handbooks for "Turtle: The Incredible Journey" Movie

Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtles Poster
A colorful poster showing the five species of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico protected by SeaTurtles.org.

EnviroKids Magazine Fun Projects
Make a loggerhead from a paper plate, download a kids' newsletter, & play the Sea Turtle Survival game.

Teachers' Guides for "The Heartbreak Turtle Today" Documentary

How Longlining Impacts Sea Turtles
Fact sheet describing longline fishing and how it threatens sea turtles with extinction.

Kids' Coloring Pages
California Leatherback Sea Turtle Sees Plastic Pollution

Last Journey for the Leatherback DVD
Documentary DVD features the life cycle of the critically endangered leatherback sea turtle. Teaching kit available for download.

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